Hi, I'm Thibault. Hotelier at heart, and brain.

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Over the last decade, I have worked with a large number of different hospitality companies and worked with hundreds of different people and cultures. Ranging from small independent boutique hotel run by non hoteliers, to large conventional hotels owned by large funds or on the stock market.

The similarities? They all have this passion for hospitality and all aim the best they can to serve guests and drive performance.

Now you will be surprised by what I have encountered: hotels running on pen and paper as PMS, yearly fixed rack rates, or no dynamic pricing strategies in place, outdated booking systems that do not integrate with online travel agencies (OTAs), or a complete lack of digital marketing efforts to attract new guests.

While at the same time, technology is evolving, AI is now threatening to replace some jobs in the market and helping the most savvy companies to achieve record-breaking performance.

The gap between the top 1% performers and the rest is increasing every day as we speak. Something has to be done about it.

My mission is both simple and audacious: to inspire and positively impact one million lives within the hospitality industry.

My commitment: I will provide you with the essential principles, tools, ideas, and frameworks I have rigorously learned and tested in the field—to empower you in becoming better hoteliers, ensuring each individual has the resources to thrive and elevate their career and business to new heights.

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I hope you will join me on this journey to make the hospitality industry a great place to work and thrive for any individuals

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At a glance

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Creator and writer of the Catala Insights Lab newsletter

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Founder and Managing Director of Catala Consulting

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Lecturer at top Hospitality Schools

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Advisor to tech startups in the hospitality industry

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Speaker at major events and for top organisations

What I'm currently working on

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About my life

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In general

  • Happily married with 2 beautiful daughters
  • Practised 15 years of Judo (Black Belt)
  • Lived and worked in 8 different countries
  • Burned out (twice 🙂) and found myself again.
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Professional path

  • Studied Hospitality Management at Glion Institute of Higher Education
  • Joined IHG Europe Future Leaders Program in Revenue Management
  • Worked for IHG Hotels & Resorts in France and Portugal, as well as Four Seasons in Asia
  • Lecturer at Glion Institute of Higher Education
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  • Created my first venture (SaaS) and failed
  • Created Catala Consulting and helped more than 200 hotels worldwide with their revenue management
  • Built Faern Hotels & Resorts, a new lifestyle hotel brand in the Swiss Alps
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What I do for fun  

  • Completed more than 10 marathons and 1 ultra marathon
  • Chess
  • Board games
  • Drawing
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The values that drive everything I do


Family & Friends

As they say - if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Being well surrounded is crucial.


Integrity & Authenticity

Doing the right thing, in away that feels fair. And doing it your own way.


Health & Well-being

No point doing it all if you are poorly later to enjoy and share the fruits of your labour. Taking care of yourself and those around you matters greatly.

A photo of Thibault Catala during a trip, sat in front of a Buddhist monk smiling and tying a bracelet around his wrist

Discipline & Love

In work and in love, there are no shortcuts. And having the fortitude to progress step-by-step makes a huge difference.

Let’s talk about your next  big thing